The Catechism of the Catholic Church tells us that, “Adoration is the first attitude of man acknowledging that he is a creature before his Creator. It exalts the greatness of the Lord who made us and the almighty power of the Savior who sets us free from evil. Adoration is homage of the spirit to the “King of Glory, ”respectful silence in the presence of the “ever greater” God. Adoration of the thrice-holy and sovereign God of love blends with humility and gives assurance to our supplications.” (CCC 2628). For more information on Adoration you can visit Catholic-Link at All Your Questions About Catholic Eucharistic Adoration Answered… (

You are welcome to come to Adoration of the Blessed Eucharist at St. Joseph, from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm, usually the third Tuesday of each month. If Adoration gets moved to another day, it will be noted on the Parish Calendar page or in a post for that week.