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Welcome to St. Joseph Catholic Church

Father Joshua Duncan, pastor of St. Joseph and St. Mary of Glasgow, and the faith community of St. Joseph welcome you and hope that your time in our Church may be an opportunity to share our faith and joy in Our Lord Christ Jesus.

St. Joseph is nestled in the heart of Howard County, in Fayette, Missouri. With a community population of around 2,800, St. Joseph has served the Fayette and surrounding area since 1956. Click the link below to learn more about our history.

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Whether you are just visiting or considering being part of our Parish Family, here is some general information regarding our parish. We do have a cry room by the front doors of church and a library/rectory area in the hall part of church for any parents with young children. The bathrooms are in the hall part of church behind the partitions. We have numerous literary resources available at each entrance and a Parish office, located off the hall of church for additional information and assistance. Below are tabs with additional information on some structural aspects of the Church.


The church is an L-shaped design that measures around 36 feet by 90 feet and 51 feet by 39 feet. It is built of a concrete foundation, walls are of Haydie block backing and face brick, and has a double pitch roof, with asphalt shingles.

The interior of the church can seat 208 people comfortably and is beautifully decorated with stain-glassed windows on three sides.

Within the church, the Sanctuary sits in the corner of the "L-shape" and houses the altar, the tabernacle, the statues of the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Joseph, and the Crucifix, and the baptismal font and Easter candle.

St. Joseph is a delightful little church that you must visit to appreciate.

Stained Glass Windows

The Stained Glass Window project at St. Joseph's Church began in 2002. The windows were done by the Emil Frei company in St. Louis, and the artist was Br. Martin Easpamer OSB. The windows were designed to bring some of the different Bible scriptures to life, along with replacing the old, non-efficient windows.

On the north side of the church or the left side of the main body of church, when looking toward the altar, the theme is the Days of Creation from Genesis, in the Old Testament. The window designs are as follows, starting at the windows closest to the altar:

  • 1  &  2  - Light from Darkness and Morning and Night
  • 3  &  4  - Water above Vault and  Heaven
  • 5 &  6 - Earth, Seas, and Vegetation
  • 7  &  8 - Light, sun, moon, stars
  • 9  & 10 - Living Creatures in Sea and on Earth
  • 11 & 12 - Man & Woman—all of us

On the south side of the church, or the right side of the main body of the church, when looking towards the altar, the theme is Rural and Agriculture Parables, from the New Testament. The window designs are as follows, starting closest to the altar:  

  • 1  & 2 - Parable of Sower (Mark 4, Luke  8,  Matthew 13)
  • 3 &  4 - Parable of Mustard Seed (Matthew 13)
  • 5  &  6 - Parable of Vine and Branches (John 15)

The windows in the Side Chapel of the church, consist of four saints, as follows starting with the window closest to the altar: 

  • Saint St. Joseph - the Church's patron saint and Father to Jesus
  • Saint Kateri Tekakwitha - the first North American Indian saint
  • Saint Teresa of Calcutta - world famous missionary
  • Saint John Bosco - Father and Teacher of Youth

In the Confessional Room, the small windows are of Noah's Ark.

In the Sacristy, and the doors leading to the rooms behind the sanctuary, the small windows are symbols of wheat.

The Window Project was completed in 2008. All the windows are double glassed, meaning a storm window and a stained glass window, make up each individual window. Each window was paid for their individual donations and memorial donations.

The beauty of these windows is best seen in person. Please visit St. Joseph to enjoy their beauty.

Stations of the Cross